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The 21st-century, modern-day salon, 10 NEXUS is a space for meaningful conversations on what matters most.

We are a group of folks who are curious, playful, and passionate about life.

Our community consists of venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, artists, engineers, consultants, taste-makers and travelers who gather regularly for salons in cultural hubs.

Our Story

Today, we are digitally connected 24/7, but are more disconnected than ever. 10 NEXUS is a space to foster meaningful conversations in cultural hubs around the world.

10 NEXUS, meaning “10 links” or “10 connections”, refers to both the connections we make as we reflect inward, and the connections we form with those around us.

We chose the name “10 Nexus” for it sounds like an actual address, like “10 Downing” (where the British Prime Minister resides). 10 NEXUS also has the sub-meaning “10X US”, or “10 times us”. To “10X” also means “to grow exponentially”, and to develop oneself through enriching conversations.

Our Values

We embrace the following values at 10 NEXUS gatherings:

  • Curiosity: We ask questions & respect others’ worldview.

  • Authenticity: We share authentically & embrace vulnerability, because authenticity builds trust & deeper connections.

  • 10X - Growth mindset: We develop ourselves & one another through enriching conversations. Together we “10X”.

  • Generosity: We give generously: 10 Nexus dinner salons have rituals such as “Ask & Give”: What could you give to your community? What do you need help with?

  • Presence: We put our digital devices away at dinner to truly be present for the people & things that matter most in our lives.

  • Giving back: We give back & help others outside our core community when we can.


Our Manifesto

We are leaders.

We are story-tellers.

We are adventure-seekers.

We connect authentically.

We give generously.

We develop one another.

We achieve more, together.

Together, we 10X.

We are 10 NEXUS.

10 NEXUS is a special place

Where seekers of truth and knowledge gather,

Where curious minds reflect, connect, and support one another,

Where we feel at home.

Home is more than a physical place.

Home is about the people, sense of well-being, comfort & safety, the family routines & rituals.

Home is about the smell of good-food cooking, the weekly family dinner.

Ultimately, “home” is a feeling.

10 NEXUS : home, wherever we are.

Giving Back

At 10 NEXUS, we believe in doing well by doing good.

10 NEXUS partners with organizations in our local communities. For every 10 dinners, we donate a meal to organizations such as Feeding America and Food Bank for New York City.