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What matters most to you?


The 21st-century salon, 10 Nexus is a space for meaningful conversations in cultural hubs

Conversation Dinners

Flourished in France and Italy throughout the 17th and 18th centuries, salons have always been an important nexus for exchange of ideas throughout history.

Today, we are digitally connected 24/7, but are more disconnected than ever. 10 Nexus is a space for meaningful conversations on what matters most in our life.

Members gather regularly to discuss topics that matter to a life well-lived but rarely discussed such as Life Purpose & Values, Transformation, & Emotional Intelligence & Resilience.

A movement toward better conversations

Do you make space to ask yourself expansive questions, connect deeply with others or just reflect on what matters most to you?

10 Nexus hosts small group discussions that explore personal ideas such as transformation, consciousness, intimacy, and indulgence.

Through shared activities and communal discussions over a 3-course dinner, members develop deeper connections with one another.

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What participants are saying:

"The intimate setting let everyone's guard down. What I liked most about 10 Nexus salon is the intimacy of the space, deep connection, possibility, and trust. It felt like group therapy.”

"It was raw & magical. 10 Nexus salon got me thinking about my life purpose, doing that while connecting with a wonderful group of people over a delicious meal."

“Really loved the ask & give ritual. It encourages everyone to take ownership of each other's successes. This accountability is something that I would like to incorporate more into my life.”