A better way to live, connect & travel

10 NEXUS Homes

Your home, wherever you go.


Live, travel & connect better with the people & things that matter most in your life.

Currently in beta mode and available to select members, more 10 NEXUS concept homes will be launched in 2019.

At 10 NEXUS, the lines between traveling and living are blurred. More than just a physical place, Home is a feeling of comfort, connection & belonging.

10 NEXUS concept homes, launching in 2019.

10 NEXUS concept homes, launching in 2019.


10 NEXUS Homes

Live like a local, with style

Stay healthy, productive and inspired, wherever you are in the world. Our accommodation options include condo apartments with amenities such as

  • Fully furnished rooms in design-driven homes

  • Gym

  • Business center

  • Roof deck

  • Access to an influential community & our conversation series

Amenities aside, we are focused on facilitating the type of meaningful connections & inspirational conversations that make you feel truly at home, wherever you are.

10 NEXUS Salons

Connect with commune members

Live in a beautiful 10 NEXUS concept home, or book a stay with a 10 NEXUS member with an extra room.

Or enjoy the privacy of your own place, and come to an intimate 10 NEXUS dinner to reflect and connect with other members, whether in your home city or when you travel.

  • Conversation dinners on what matters most

  • Connect with open-minded people

  • Artist-led events: story-telling, calligraphy, health & well-being

  • Member-led events: yoga, meditation, cycling



San Francisco

Come to a creative dinner salon, or book a stay in a 10 NEXUS concept home

10 Nexus home New York

New York

Stay with a 10 NEXUS host in a condo apartment in New York

Our intimate dinner salon in San Francisco in September, on the topic of “Emotional Intelligence & Resilience”


Welcome Home

A 10 NEXUS home is much more than just a physical place.

“Home” is a feeling of comfort, connection and belonging.

“Home” is about the people, support, and rituals such as the weekly family dinner.

“Home” is about the smell of good food cooking, sense of well-being, freedom and safety.

Whether you live in a 10 NEXUS home, or staying in a boutique hotel down the street, you’re always welcome home for dinner.