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A space for conversations on what matters most, 10 NEXUS hosts thoughtful & honest conversations in private, inspiring homes & curated social spaces.


What matters most to you?

Our members gather regularly for conversation dinners in cultural hubs.

Our dinners & salons are organized around themes such as “Life purpose & values”, “Emotional well-being” and “The Good Life” - topics that matter to most of us but rarely discussed.

Salons are curated and led by 10 NEXUS members in that local community. We also invite local influencers and artists to our space for certain events.

Some events are open to both members and guests, others are by invitation-only. Inquire about our upcoming events.



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10 NEXUS members have access to our creative dinner salons and the option to book 10 NEXUS concept homes (officially launching 2019). Inquire about the option to come to a pop-up dinner in San Francisco and New York: Please select all that apply:
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